_Moving Employees and the Organization Forward: Performance Reviews

A great Employee Performance Review Process does two things:

(1) Defines past performance and future expectations of the employee, and;
(2) Aligns future employee performance with future organizational needs.

Most of the time, we look at Employee Performance Systems we focus on judging past employee performance with expected employee performance moving forward. We also tend to look at employee goal development in terms of assuring employee performance meets ‘minimum expectations’ for the position they hold. There is an element of Performance Systems that gets less attention, yet it is critical for the future of an organization.
Before conducting a Performance Review session with an employee, you need to clearly understand what the goals of the organization are over the next year and how the position the employee holds will contribute to meeting those organizational goals. In other words, if the employee is not moving his/her skills forward to meet the changing demands of the organization, the goal-setting and performance expectations established during the Performance Review session are only optimal…for either the employee or the organization.
Keep in mind; if the position requires changes, it does not occur in the Performance Review session, but rather during a review of all positions in the organization. If however, the tasks and duties remain the same, but the technical expertise, or the methodology of accomplishing the duties is changing, employee skill development may need to be addressed. And that may require specific goal development for the employee during the ensuing year.
Annual Performance Review sessions are valuable feedback tools for employees and employers. When planning for your next set of Employee Performance Review, make sure you are addressing both the employee’s needs and the future needs of the organization as well.

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